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My name is Lana LaV’ee! I started my journey as an influencer to collaborate with upcoming and established businesses. Then I found my passion in speaking my truth!  Here you will find fashion, day in life, holistic tips, inspiration and some promising women tackle football.  Take a look around and enjoy. I am excited you came by!

"When Lana first contacted me about my product I was so shocked! That someone was so interested to actually contact me. I was so happy to participate I was so happy for what she was doing for our community! She is such an inspiration!! I felt a sisterhood from her first introduction. Just pure awesomeness, pure selflessness, pure genuine love! She is so amazing and I bring her name up every possible time I can. She is a blessing to work with! And on top of all of this she loves my Haircare products and uses them often!" 
 -Tanesha Brown: Owner of Brown Beauty Complete 

"I'm living a more holistic life and it's all thanks to my herbalist, Johnnie Suzette!"

"I will tell you MY STORY and MOTIVATE YOU to become a firm BELIEVER in never giving up!

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