My name is Lana LaV’ee and I'm a "Jane of all trades", which means I can do it all!  I started my journey as an influencer to collaborate with upcoming and established businesses to meet ONE GOAL.  That goal is to be seen and heard throughout the largest outlets on the internet: social media.  I then found my passion in speaking my truth!  Here you will find fashion, artistic finds, inspiration and some promising women tackle football.  Take a look around and enjoy. I am excited you came by!

"I will tell you MY STORY and MOTIVATE YOU to become a firm BELIEVER in never giving up!



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"When Lana first contacted me about my product I was so shocked! That someone was so interested to actually contact me. I was so happy to participate I was so happy for what she was doing for our community! She is such an inspiration!! I felt a sisterhood from her first introduction. Just pure awesomeness, pure selflessness, pure genuine love! She is so amazing and I bring her name up every possible time I can. She is a blessing to work with! And on top of all of this she loves my Haircare products and uses them often!" 
 -Tanesha Brown: Owner of Brown Beauty Complete 

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