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Check out these amazing testimonies on how I've helped established and upcoming businesses be seen on social media. 

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Tanesha Brown

Brown Beauty Cmplete

When Lana first contacted me about my product I was so shocked! That someone was so interested to actually contact me. I was so happy to participate I was so happy for what she was doing for our community! She is such an inspiration!! I felt a sisterhood from her first introduction. Just pure awesomeness, pure selflessness, pure genuine love! She is so amazing and I bring her name up every possible time I can. She is a blessing to work with! And on top of all of this she loves my Haircare products and uses them often! 🖤

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SPEAK Essentials

Let me start off by saying that I am grateful for likeminded women like Lana. Women that are all about support, success and community. Lana did a live review on a product my company offers: our self care kit and it was honest, raw and great. I also gained followers. Lana’s energy is so live and contagious. I definitely look forward to working with her again.

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Centorria Simmons

The Royal Collection

I absolutely love Lana. She’s been a friend, supporter, and customer of my small black business for years! I’m so excited and happy that she’s created a platform to bring light to other businesses across America. Thanks to her I’ve gained more exposure, followers,and customers. 🖤💋

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Ashley Hernandez

Ivy Reina

Lana did such an amazing job promoting our dress. She actually has really high engagement which helps a lot with exposure. I can’t wait to work with her again.

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Nicole Lewis

Legacy Wellness Services

I am very grateful for Lana The Influencer! She has always been one of my biggest supporters and continues to do so by promoting my mental health practice. if you need someone to promote your business you will be 100% satisfied!

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Kirisa Mahon

Yummy Secrets LLC

Hey everyone!! First and foremost thank you Lana for making my small little business be in the forefront of many great people that follows you! I have been officially lana certified. Go straight to the vip package. It’s worth it! She will make sure that your business is seen in a more organic way! Her energy is everything! Give her a week and she’ll help your brand grow! She works fast too! The results are real. Thank you again Lana!

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Dreka Gardner

Dokasions Boutique

Through the work of Lana I’ve gotten more followers, and more traffic on my website! Thank you for the work that you are doing and using the platform that you are building to take others with you to the top! I appreciate the service and the review that was done for me ❤️

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Achante Smith

To Be Continued

Lana The Influencer is not only a promoter, she’s an inspiration! With the amount of extra time some of us have and new found passions, there are so many people striving for new goals and creating businesses. If you need any guidance, encouragement, or reviews to up traffic to your avenues, Lana is your girl!

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