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How Did I Become a Successful Nano-Influencer In Less Than Six Months?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Welcome!!!!! As you all know, each week I discuss a different topic, on my social media outlet, Lana The Influencer, LLC. About two months ago, I discussed what avenues you would need to market yourself better LIVE on IGTV with My Monday Story. Here I will also reveal a few of my TEA and Tips on how I became a successful nano-influencer. ARE YOU READY??? Then let's start from the beginning.

I want to be completely honest and open. I never in a million years would have thought, I would have a business! On June 17, 2020, I literally woke up and said I am going to be an influencer. Secondly, I confirmed with faith that my name will be Lana The Influencer. That very next day I woke up around 4 AM the morning and went to the Mississippi Secretary of State website and put respect on my name!

TEA: Make your business legal and create an EIN so that you can protect your brand!

A lot of my followers are surprised when I inform them of how I got started. I had no coaching or direction. I just went in headfirst and yes starting off was a rough ride. I had to learn very quickly the so-called "tricks" to social media marketing. Let me just say either you rise or you fall. Once I did figure everything out, I gained over 1,000 followers within 2 months and landed a few jobs! Get your pen and paper ready, this is about to belong and be resourceful!

Lana LaV'ee's TEA and Tips To Influencer Success

  1. Research And Then Research Some More. When you become an influencer, you have to put in the beginning work. Okay, I know you feeling like dang I have to study. Do you really want to be an influencer? Well if you are not researching every week to figure out the trends and how to develop your brand then you're not serious. If you're not serious then just stop NOW! I've been losing sleep and rest since I started. TEA: Make sure you create your website and business email. It's time to be serious about who you are and your brand!!

  2. Find Your Niche! What does “finding your niche mean”? It's SIMPLE. What do you enjoy doing the most (singing, working out, doing hair, etc.) and how will you influence others to enjoy what you're doing? Unfortunately, I enjoy doing so many things that I was all over the place. I really had to find my direction. TEA: Make sure you research and test your niche (business). It may not be a market for what you are trying to sell. Trust me you do not want to waste time.

  3. Who Do You Want To Tar