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How Did I Become a Successful Nano-Influencer In Less Than Six Months?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Welcome!!!!! As you all know, each week I discuss a different topic, on my social media outlet, Lana The Influencer, LLC. About two months ago, I discussed what avenues you would need to market yourself better LIVE on IGTV with My Monday Story. Here I will also reveal a few of my TEA and Tips on how I became a successful nano-influencer. ARE YOU READY??? Then let's start from the beginning.

I want to be completely honest and open. I never in a million years would have thought, I would have a business! On June 17, 2020, I literally woke up and said I am going to be an influencer. Secondly, I confirmed with faith that my name will be Lana The Influencer. That very next day I woke up around 4 AM the morning and went to the Mississippi Secretary of State website and put respect on my name!

TEA: Make your business legal and create an EIN so that you can protect your brand!

A lot of my followers are surprised when I inform them of how I got started. I had no coaching or direction. I just went in headfirst and yes starting off was a rough ride. I had to learn very quickly the so-called "tricks" to social media marketing. Let me just say either you rise or you fall. Once I did figure everything out, I gained over 1,000 followers within 2 months and landed a few jobs! Get your pen and paper ready, this is about to belong and be resourceful!

Lana LaV'ee's TEA and Tips To Influencer Success

  1. Research And Then Research Some More. When you become an influencer, you have to put in the beginning work. Okay, I know you feeling like dang I have to study. Do you really want to be an influencer? Well if you are not researching every week to figure out the trends and how to develop your brand then you're not serious. If you're not serious then just stop NOW! I've been losing sleep and rest since I started. TEA: Make sure you create your website and business email. It's time to be serious about who you are and your brand!!

  2. Find Your Niche! What does “finding your niche mean”? It's SIMPLE. What do you enjoy doing the most (singing, working out, doing hair, etc.) and how will you influence others to enjoy what you're doing? Unfortunately, I enjoy doing so many things that I was all over the place. I really had to find my direction. TEA: Make sure you research and test your niche (business). It may not be a market for what you are trying to sell. Trust me you do not want to waste time.

  3. Who Do You Want To Target? What do you mean by target? Basically, you want to find your audience or market for your business. TEA: Always ask questions to your followers and do surveys!!! Feedback will help you out a lot. Another great way to get feedback is from business partners or even people you collaborate with. If you don’t have any #businessbesties you're missing out!!! Do you want honesty and genuine ideas? Your business besties will help you along the journey.

  4. Pick A Platform! When choosing the correct platform, you want to ensure that your (target population) is active on that social media platform! For example, I am an Influencer and from my research, the number one social media outlet for me would be Instagram. So do the research and make sure you're the best fit! TEA: Always show passion, credibility, and authenticity (niche) in your business. If brands and consumers see you going HARD and being the real person you are, then they are more willing to buy into you.

  5. How To Prioritize Your Content? I am no expert at this and my following base is gradually growing, but I do research (A LOT) and I want to help. When I first started, my pages were completely confusing and I had no direction. I held around 200 followers on my Instagram business page until I had to figure it out. What does that mean??? Well around the middle of July, I decided to have a specific theme for each day of the week. For example, Saturday is “Sister Saturday”. TEA: Make sure your page has a color scheme and is aesthetically eye-catching. Also, make sure you have a mixture of information (business-related) and personal content!! People want to get to know you (TRUST ME). Also, make sure you use different themes for different outlets. THEY ARE NOT ALL THE SAME !!!

  6. Listen To Your Audience! When you don’t listen to your audience you become irrelevant and you will lose followers. An easy way to figure this out is your INSIGHTS. After you check your insights, make sure you look at the accounts you have reached, content interacts, and total followers!!! This will definitely help you understand your audience and what they would like to see more from you. Another neat way, ask questions. Try to make it FUN, SIMPLE, and try to always switch things up! TEA: Make sure you're watching (most active times on your outlets). This is a KEY component on how to be seen. If your followers are not on their social media at the time your posting then NOBODY sees you. BUT for Instagram, you can use hashtags!!! The limit is 30 so you NEED to use all 30 of them. Just make sure you switch it up often so you can have a wide range of viewers. It’s not about the likes it’s ALL about the impressions and engagements!

  7. Collaborate With Other Brands/Businesses. NOW, this is my FAVORITE thing to do! I preach over and over again to get you some business besties. You also want to find like-minded and sincere individuals!! You all know I love anything that is naturally made and of course essential oils. I also enjoy getting cute from time to time and wearing beautiful clothes and wigs. I make it a plan of mine to reach out to brands who have items I will enjoy. Working with others from time to time will widen your following base and consumers. TEA: You're going to have to reach out to people. If they say no then they say no!!! Listen, you have to take a chance on yourself! Do you remember when I walked into the room (when I was trying to get into graduate school) and I was finally accepted after being denied three times?? WELL, that’s the same thing! JUST DO IT and take the chance! Click "Never, Never, Never Give Up!" to read about my inspirational story!

  8. Pay For Promotions! I know that spending money cannot always be possible BUT let me be very open. I do not like to spend money at all BUT I had to try it. TEA: IT'S CHEAP!! I do promotions on myself every two weeks and the most I spend is $20.00 dollars. YES, that’s all! Promotions on yourself will guarantee you being seen by your followers and engagement rates will increase, which is always important to brands and consumers. Let's be HONEST with ourselves, trying to create content organically and being seen more on social media can be HARD. Why? Everyone is trying to start a business or trying to be seen on social media too! Paying for promotions through social media ALSO helps with targeting your audience! Basically, you're reaching people who will find interest in your brand. Like I have said before if you do not invest in yourself NOBODY else will. Brands will consider you seriously and that helps with a buy-in! Lastly, make sure what you promoted works. Don’t just keep promoting the same content, always try to switch it up.

  9. Lastly, Always Be Consistent. What does consistency mean or look like for social media platforms? If you're not consistent then you're basically not relevant. When you are consistent, this allows brands and customers to be reached and this welcomes more engagement to your page. The thing is you will need to post at least once EVERY SINGLE DAY. That's a doable goal and not hard to manage! After my research, you should post twice a day as your max. If you have been losing or not gaining followers then either you posting too much or your not posting enough!! An easy way to help with becoming consistent in your post is, SCHEDULE a time when you will post every day. Also, you should PLAN way ahead of time. This will help you have great content and your consumers/brands will know exactly when you're going to post. TEA: I have found that posting during the afternoon and late-night for my following base has been best. You can also check on Instagram (under your insights) to see when the most traffic is made on your page.

TEA: Do you know how an algorithm is used on social media??

An algorithm is a mathematical set of rules to help maintain order and rank. So basically if you are not creating good content, being consistent, and not having the right engagement then you will not be ranked at the top. This basically means you will not be seen or grow on your social media outlets.

Let's Reflect!

I know this is a lot of information in one blog but we know it's needed! Being an influencer is hard work and dedication. You're going to lose sleep often and you will meet disappointment along the way. I do promise you this, once you figure out your niche and do the research, everything else will fall into place. Trust your steps, take risks and watch your brand grow!

With Love,

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Lana Speakz
Lana Speakz
Dec 18, 2020

Yes ... you want to promote through IG promotions and/or Facebook


So when you say paid promo do you mean using the promotion tab on IG?

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