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IDOL Fashions It's Exclusive: IDOL Scents Basket Review

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

IDOL Fashions It's Exclusive is a new up-and-coming black woman own brand. IDOL Fashions It's Exclusive specializes in Natural Hand-Made Soap Bars, Hand Poured Candles, Exclusive Fashion, and much more. I am super excited and nervous to FINALLY be giving this great company my FIRST product review!! Let me get right into it!

The Rose Body Scrub

The Rose Body Scrub is my absolute favorite of all the items in the IDOL Scents Basket. You all know I only do natural products. You can tell from looking at this product that it's handmade and natural. The rose ingredient just makes it my top fav. This item smells just like roses and sweet. It's a very soft texture and is smooth to the skin. How do I store this item? Since it is a scrub and my house can be warm at times LOL I keep it in the refrigerator, Being refrigerated keeps its texture and base. I would give this product all 10 and I buy again! This item can last a very long time if you do not do a full body scrub every day.

Lip Scrubs (Lavender & Brown + Vanilla)

If you following any of my social media accounts I posted these lovely items during one of my facials on IGTV Live. Make sure you check it out! These lips scrubs may come in a small package but they have big results. I already had nice lips but adding this item to my daily routine has made my lips very soft and brighter. This item has a soft and scrub texture. The lip scrubs really do not have a strong smell. I also keep this item in the refrigerator. This time has last me a long time due to only using a finger amount. I would recommend it as a must-have!