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Can Being Brave Change Your Own Life?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

WELCOME to my blog and happy Sunday!!! On my social media platforms,(Lana The Influencer, LLC) I post a unique topic each week and then go into further detail with My Monday Story. A few weeks ago, I touched on the subject of Bravery. When you think about heroism, you think about first responders and the military. Have you ever thought about you being brave? Or thought about how you can save your own life??? So let me tell you how I became courageous and what bravery did for me.

My Brave Moment

When I was a high school student, my mother kicked me out of the residence. Let me tell you how it all happens. One day, my mother was about to chastise my younger sister, Ciara. I heard my baby sister crying out and the protector in me went to rescue her. I attempted to stop my mother from striking Ciara, but in the process, mother lost her balance and feel. She instructed me to leave the home. My mother used to tell me the story about how I arrived at her home when I was in foster care. Her exact words were: “You arrived at my house with one garbage bag.. you had nothing”. I left the house that same day as a high school student. I left with one garbage bag AND I had nothing.

I wandered down the street and attempted to figure out where I would live and with whom. While I was strolling, I stopped at a stranger's home. I asked if I could stay with her. The lady allowed me to stay in her home. At that time, I started drinking, smoking, and doing things that a teenager should not be doing. I was confused and isolated. I would sit around and wonder if my mother will show up to bring me home. My mother NEVER did.

Here goes the brave moment I was speaking about!!! I attended this local church community and became encouraged. I remember thinking I cannot continue to live like this. I barely knew the Pastor and First Lady but I understood them and I knew they had compassion for children and people. One day I spoke to the Pastor and inquired about living with him and his spouse. He called me back in a day to tell me he would allow me to stay. Asking someone that I hardly knew was brave and terrifying. I knew I had to get out of my circumstance and I was on the road to disappointment. From that period on, they became my godparents BECAUSE they are certainly sent from God!

”Everything that I did from that moment further... I did out of Faith!"

I took my ACT without being prepared or having advice. I had no idea what university I was going to attend. I had no expectations. I took the examination on FAITH and I was selected to get a degree in social work (my godmother’s profession) and attend Mississippi Valley State University (my god, father’s college).