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I Will, I Must, I Can!

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Hey, Hey, to my blogger buddies! I have been gone for a while but I'm back and better!!! What have I been doing?? Well, I'll explain it all in this blog post.


If you're following any of my social media outlets, then you are aware of my recent move to Jackson, MS. Moving was a total life change that I did not see happening. I imagined this move to be a chance for me to grow and create new opportunities. Why? I mean why not?? I had did so much work on myself in 2020. I gained confidence. I was ready for the new adventures that were destined for my life. All 2020 I can remember saying, "I'm ready to leave Hattiesburg, MS and do something different with my life". I finally got what I thought I wanted. Remember the old saying, 'beware what you wish or ask for".

I never felt so lost during the pandemic until I moved to Jackson, MS. Every situation that I expected to work out just did not work! Everything that I poured into myself diminish within seconds. I cried every day and I never felt so alone. I had finally experienced the covid-19 depression side effects. I also experienced so much social anxiety. I was in positions where I could not trust the people around me and I begun to isolate myself. On top of that, I felt misunderstood, which in return, made me lose confidence in who I was all over again! I was back to trying to figure out myself and how to change the narrative.


On December 19, 2020, I went to a Bestie Vision Board Party 2021 hosted by some amazing ladies Business Owner Quintena Pollard, Fashion Influencer B.Allen, and Designer Kadrianna Owens. I always wanted to do a vision board and I finally had an opportunity to do so. My goal in attending this event was to affirm and set the tone for 2021. I heard people tell their own testimonies of how they created a Vision Board and all their visions come true. I wanted that same testimony for myself. As I created my Vision Board that evening, I instantly got confidence and affirmed 2021 would be different.

"Affirming yourself helps with increasing one's confidence or raising your self-esteem"


I did not see what was about to happen next. The very next day I ended up injuring my knee at football practice. I was so sad and frustrated and afraid that my entire football career was over. I was determined to make a statement to show what I could do, especially when other people felt like I couldn't do it. Now, look at me on crutches and possible surgery. That was the icing on the cake for me to give up. Sadly, I expected people to be there for me, they weren't. I was handling this whole situation on my own. Only a few people checked on me and I hadn't felt so alone in a long time. I cried every single day until I finally had my MRI. Watch how God works!!! The result of the MRI was no surgery and that was all I needed to hear. Then one day my teammate spoke to me about a trainer by the name of William Triplett aka Tripp