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How Do I Continue To Have Gratitude?

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

WELCOME to my blog and Happy Monday!!! On my social media outlets (Lana The Influencer, LLC) I post a different topic each week and then go into further detail with My Monday Story. As we all know, COVID-19 has taken the lives of some of our friends and families. I wanted to take the time to touch on being grateful.

Sadly, I haven't always been a very grateful person but the pandemic has really pushed me to be grateful for the little things. Funny thing is, at the end of the year I decided to make a list called ‘Positive Things that Happened in 2020’! I want to share that list with you because it’s continuing to help me realize my gratefulness!

Positive Things That Happened in 2020 to Date

1) I found a $15 Applebee gift card. 

2) One of my medical bills was forgiven. 

3) God removed a toxic person from my life!!!

4) I got two Guinea Pigs (Pancake and Bacon)

When I got my Guinea Pigs, I was going through a rough patch around January 2020. Of course, my apartment would not let me have a dog. I went back and forth between pet ideas like getting a fish or something. I wanted to be able to actually hug the animal I would get. That led me to research Guinea Pigs. They can live for 10 years and they love companionship. It's been a long run for them to get used to me and they require a little work. I love my sons, so I had to name them my favorite breakfast foods, LOL

5) I was healed from either an unknown infection.. or was it Covid 19?

6) I was nearly in a car wreck but by paying attention, I wasn’t. 

7) Achante became friends with me again.

Okay, so I had a very good friend name Achante and she was always there for me. Well, I pushed her away multiple times and she FINALLY stopped talking to me. You really don't realize how much you need a person until they are gone. Well, I really like this year because I see it as a year of second chances. I contacted her and she welcomed me back with open arms. Even when I was the one that did wrong, she still had her arms wide open for me. I love you 3,000!

8) I  reconnected with something that I really missed. 

9) I painted two paintings from scratch.

10) I watched the Crazy Faith series.

11) I started reading the Bible and praying in the morning again.

12) I got a discount on my animals’ bedding.

13) I was finally able to remove my insecurities, jealousy, and envy.

14) I’ve gotten closer to God.

15) I  started watching the Relationship Goals series.

16) I read my bible every morning. 

17) I started a business — Lana The Influencer. 

18) I became an LLC. 

This is a BIG one for me. I literally started my business in June of 2020 and decided a week later to become an LLC because I was walking out on faith. I knew that what I was about to do would change my life and I wanted RESPECT on my name. I can say THIS was my biggest accomplishment of the year!

19) I helped others start their business.

20) I saw my nephew graduate! Congratulations to the Class of 2020!

21) I collaborated with other black-owned businesses to be seen on Social Media.

22) I created my first website. 

23) I received my first payment for a flyer I created.

24) I paid my car off. Won’t he do it!

This was my Second accomplishment of the year. After six long years, I made up my mind to pay my car off early. I had to make some sacrifices BUT they were worth it. I don’t know about anybody else, but to be able to be less out of debt is WONDERFUL!

25) I started my Loc Journey in May 2020 and women started asking me to do their locs!

26) I gained another year... Happy Birthday to me!

27) I got my FIRST ambassador job!!!


It’s the last day of the month of August and I have surely been blessed beyond measure. When I get in my own head and feel like things are not going right for me, I go back and look at my list to reflect. Sometimes we need that reminder of how far we have come and a reminder that things aren’t that bad. Coming up with this list in 2020 was needed because it keeps me driven and focused on the positive. It also reminds me that this year is not over yet and there is more to come!!!

What has happened to you in 2020 that you are grateful for??? What strategies do you use to continue to focus on the positive?

With Love,

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