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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

WELCOME to my blog and happy Sunday!!! On my social media outlets (Lana The Influencer, LLC) I post a different topic each week and then go into further detail with My Monday Story. A few weeks ago I touched on the topic of forgiveness. OKAY, you usually hear about forgiving those who have wronged us. Lucky for you I spoke about this in my other blog, “My Self Love Journey”. Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.

So here I am writing this blog ONCE again late... Lately, being an influencer has been really hard... Let me be honest. Your wondering, “Why write a blog“? OR “Didn‘t you just start your business?”. Yes, I did just start my business and yes starting was only the easy part. Let me say it again, being a consistent influencer IS HARD. When I first started, I was eager and full of joy. I really felt like I had found my gift... my purpose.

Then I went back to my old way of thinking... I started talking to people who I KNEW was not right for me. I started doubting myself... I began being confused about who I was and if this really the business I needed to start? I had people come to me saying, "they're confused about what you're doing and you need to do more." I disappointed myself even further. I was letting people back into my heart... that was TOXIC for me! I also became sad because a good companion of mine will be leaving soon! I felt abandoned AND my time management was off. I felt like I was lacking in my business and I couldn't look myself in the mirror.

Funny thing is, I kept going and kept pushing but I WANTED TO GIVE UP EVERYTHING! As I sit here and as I write this blog. I wonder why do I keep harming myself and disappointing myself. I actually said it TODAY that August was supposed to be my best month (I felt like it wasn’t) AND this week felt like the worst week ever! Isn’t this intriguing, that the week I write about forgiveness. I'm literally trying to figure it all out. Well, I’m going to have to stand in this mirror and forgive myself for all the negative thoughts, the tears I’ve cried this week, and to take ownership of my own disappointments. I don’t know why I’m hard on myself and I expect so much.

“Lana keep accomplishing what you can do with what you have! Everything is possible and your rebuilding. There is no limit to what you're doing!“

Then I realize that the month of August I was struggling with everything coming at me I gained 1,100 followers on IG and furthermore, I increased on my other social media accounts. I gained my first ambassador job and I DIDN‘T GIVE UP even when I wanted to. August has gone and September has already been difficult for me. However, it is time to get back on track, forgive me, and move forward...


You do make a difference... somebody is watching you and can see your importance. It is time for you to recognize the same thing... I know I’m constantly talking about my story and disclosing my truth. BUT this is my NEW therapy and I know I’m not alone... If I start now and forgive myself then you can do it too. YOU only have one life .. live it with no regrets... AND as always NEVER GIVE UP!

My question to you “What will you do in your rough season???”

With Love,

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Devon Alexandra
Devon Alexandra
Oct 28, 2020

Such a good read!


Lana Speakz
Lana Speakz
Sep 07, 2020

You're welcome!!!! I'm glad I could motivate you because it motivated me!


Such an awesome post. Thanks for being so transparent. It really is motivational. Thanks

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